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Fitness Training

Here's what's involved with the fitness sessions.

Fitness sessions are all about getting you into shape and improving your cardio and strength. These sessions can still involve a bit of boxing and kickboxing if you’d like.

Girl boxing
New starter

If you’re a new starter I typically start you off by taking you through a warm up and a stretch. I will then get you doing some skipping, sprinting, using kettle bells, pull-ups, push-ups and squats. These are also involved in the kickboxing and boxing sessions, the key difference is that I put more emphasis on your fitness rather than you technique and skill, although these will undoubtedly improve.

One to one

With one to one training you 100% of my attention and I will be your primary training partner. I will take you through sprints, some bad work and improving you strength and conditioning. One to one is the best way for me to perfect the sessions to what you want and what areas of your fitness you want to improve.

Group Training with friends

Group training is a great way to save money and surround yourself with friends that are after the same goals as you are. I will ensure that each one of you get what you need from the sessions.