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Kickboxing Lessons in Bournemouth

Here's what's involved with the kickboxing sessions

Kickboxing is where it all started for me, it’s an amazing sport that involves the whole body. I’ve been training people for years from all ages and skill level.

Kickboxing lessons vary depending on skill level and if it is a one to one session or group training.

Kickboxing lesson
New starter

If you’re a new starter I typically start you off by taking you through a warm up and a stretch before introducing you to the basics such as, your stance, the different types of punches and kicks, then getting you to do some pad and bag work. I put a lot of emphasis of you having fun and getting everything you want from the sessions. I want you to achieve your goals however big or small, if you just want to try something new, get into shape or take yourself to a computational level I can help and I will be there every step of the way.

One to one

With one to one training you 100% of my attention and I will be your primary training partner. I will take you through combos, using your kicks effectively, blocking, countering and movement. One to one is the best way for me to perfect the sessions to what you want.

Group Training with friends

Group training is a great way to save money and surround yourself with likeminded friends with similar goals and skill level, or if you are different levels I will cater the sessions so you are all getting what you need and consistently improving your skills.